Publications Available at PARS

Art Zines & Comics

1 x “Kafka’s The Castle” Nathan Crothers
1 x “Buttertubs” Danya Todd
1 x “Alabaster Trees” Jacqueline Huskisson
1 x “Aggravated Doughnuts” Jacqueline Huskisson
1 x “Pimp” Off Collective
1 x “One Place to another…” Fiona Mcdonnell
1 x “Am I Enough” Juanita O’Kane
1 x “The Undersea” Clare Marie
1 x “Harvest Moon” Jillian Fleck
1 x “Cirque Des Oiseux” Framework
1 x “Silence/ Hilijaisuus” The Wildman Gallery
1 x “Bonin Comics Issue 1” Emma Thacker
1 x “Experiment” The Comics Lab Dublin Comics Jam
1 x Selection from Gum Collective
1 x “Snails” Jack Brougham
1 x “Franzine” 4 Michiel Budel
1 x “Axolotl #1 #2” Jack Fallows @ Black Lodge Press
1 x “Henry Roscoe” Belfast City Comics
1 x “Feels like Noodles” Jade Sarson
1 x “The Revenants” Comic Book Guys
1 x “Captain Wonder” John Farrelly

 Exhibition & Fairs Catalogues

2 x Platform Catalogue 2010
1 x Various artists “Distance (172) Miles”
2 x Supermarket 2016 Exhibition Catalogue. Printon trukikoda LTD. 2016  (Platform collection)
1x Creative Exchange 2008

Artist Books & Exhibition Texts

3 x Stroke City Racing: A new monument for Derry/ Londonderry. Dave Loder. 2013. (Platform collection)
1 x Elad Rosen Paintings 2007-2010 (produced on the occasion of winning the 2010 Osnat Mozes Young Artist Painting Prize, 2010). Jerusalem Artists’ House. (Courtesy of the artist)
1x Hector McDonnell “New York”
1x Alison Jackson “Private”
1x Paul Wunderlich und Karin Szekessy “Correspondenzen”
1 x If Mind Were All There Was: Nine Themes on Giuseppe Sacchi (produced in the event of the exhibition Victor Man: Lazarus Protocol, 2011). Transmission and Kaleidoscope Press. (Donated by Transmission Gallery Glasgow)
1 x Michael Collins “Record Pictures
1x Martin Donlin “selected Works 95-2011”
1 x Shiro Masuyama “Intervention”
1 x Keef Winter “I’m squatting in your condo”
1 x Art of Deborah Turbeville
1 x Henry Moore “At the Serpentine”
1 x Deirdre O’Mahony “Abandoned Clare”
1x David Walker “Between Today and yesterday”
1 x Jason Oddy “Playas”
1 x A Book by Laura Aldridge Exhibition catalogue (for ‘Cats are not important’ at Transmission Gallery April 2010). (Donated by Transmission Gallery Glasgow)
1 x Arts council Gallery “Andre Stitt”
1x Bob Cotton/ Jim Campbell “Come Closer: Text and Work”
3 x The Present Instant (for exhibition of same name, 2015). Richard O’Sullivan and Matilde Meirelles (Courtesy of the artists)
1x Steve Rotman, Chris Brennan “Bay Area Graffiti”
1x Perry Chua “The best of Brochure Design 10”
1x Arabesque “Graphic Design from the Arab World and Persia”
1x Marita Sturken, Lisa Cartwright “Practices of Looking, An intro to Visual Culture”


8x Abridged Issue 33, 43, 39, 36, 34, 28, 28, 26, 25, 32, 13
4x Symbol for New Art, Newsprint, Issue, 1,2,3,4
1 x mbb broadsheet (Platform collection)
1 x Journal fur Fotografie und Videokunst “Photography now”
1 x CR magazine, “Volume 29, Number 8 2009”
1 x Source Magazine, What is conceptual Photography? “Issue 71, 2012”
1 x CR Magazine “Volume 27, number 9, 2007”
1 x Art and Auction, “April 2008”
1 x Art Review “2004, Volume LIV”
1 x Aesthetica “Issue 36, 2010”
1 x Art Review “Volume IX, 2005”
1 x Aesthetica “Issue 59, 2014”
1x Printed Project “ Issue 08”
1 x Dazed and Confused “Volume 3, Issue 18, 2013”
1x Dazed and Confused “volume 2, Issue 95 2011”
1x Another Magazine “Issue 20”
1 x Hunger “Issue 3”
1 x Computer Arts “Issue 146, Inspiration. Technique. Great Design.”
1x October “Issue 131”
1 x Source Magazine The photographic Review “Issue 39, 2004”
1x Source Magazine The photographic Review “Issue 72, 2012”
1 x CR Magazine “Volume 30, number 3, 2010”
1 x CR Magazine “Number 8, 2008”
1 x Computer Arts Projects, Print and Design “Issue 127, 2009”
1 x Computer Arts Projects, Motion Graphics “Issue 117, 2008”
1 x CR Magazine “Annual 2009”
1 x Computer Arts Projects, Anniversary issue 150 Fonts. “Issue 150, 2011”
1 x 20th Century Photography
1x Free Association 2006

Art School Publications

1 x Manchester School of Art “Creative Futures”


1 x Are You Hung Up? (for exhibition of same name, 2003). Transmission Gallery. (Donated by Transmission Gallery Glasgow)
1x The Great Macguffin (for exhibition of the same name, 2005) Laurence Figgis. Transmission. (Donated by Transmission Gallery Glasgow)
1x Transmission. Transmission Committee. Black Dog Publishing Limited. 2001. (Donated by Transmission Gallery Glasgow)
1 x Starform- sounding as a local structure (for exhibition of the same name, 2007). Aileen Campbell. Transmission. (Donated by Transmission Gallery Glasgow)
2 x Text Me Faster Dance Company. Shelly Nadashi and essay by John Calcutta. Transmission. (Donated by Transmission Gallery Glasgow)
1 x Swamp Thing (produced to accompany exhibition of the same name, 2009) Alex Cross and essay by Giles Bailey. Transmission. (Donated by Transmission Gallery Glasgow)
1 x The Curse of Bigness (co-ordinated by Dexter Sinister to accompany the exhibition of the same name, 2010) Linco. Queens Museum of Art, New York. (Platform collection)
1 x New Art at the RVH
1 x pocket Guide “Musee d’Orsay”

Other Publications of Interest

1 x The Creative Ordeal (produced as part of the exhibition, Early Reflections and Reverse Gate, 2012.) Stuart Gurden. Transmission. (Donated by Transmission Gallery Glasgow)
1 x A Troubles Archive Essay “Folk and Traditional Music”
1x Department of Finance and Personnel “Flow”
1x Grafik “Journal of the best in international Graphic Design”
1 x The Roc, Volume 2
1 x Los Logos 4
1x Stolichnaya Russian Vodka “ The Spirit of Russian Vodka”
1 x Regular Graphic Design Today
1 x Film Posters of the 90’s
1 x EEN-LEIDSE-PARADE “beeld en evenbeeld”
1 x The Frame of ‘PowerPoint’ (Platform collection)
1x “ “ “ “ “Prison Art
1x “ “ “ “ “The Art of War”
1 x “ “ ‘ ‘ “ Prose Writing”
1 x “ “ “ ‘ “ theatre”
1 x “ “ “ “ “Transcendental Art”
1 x “ “ “ “ “Poetry”
1x FUSCO Maria “With a Bao A Qu Reading When Attitudes Become Form” – donated by Maria Fusco
1x Josep Ma Garrut i Roma “Casa- Museu Gaudi”
1 x Terrail Photo “ Sleep”
1x Terrail Photo “ Film Stars”
1 x Lilliput “ Annaghmakerrig”
1 x Artist Unknown “ His Witness”

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